Index Ninja Documentation

Index Ninja is a service which connects to your Google account in order to read your Webmaster Tools data. This is for 4 primary purposes:

  1. To monitor the index status of your sites. Are there errors, how many pages are indexed vs how many your sitemaps have submitted, are there changes, etc.
  2. To monitor your recent top search queries, clicks, impressions, CTRs, and top pages. This allows you to monitor for changes, improvements, or problems.
  3. To analyze the speed of your website for both mobile and desktop devices, ensuring you are not being penalized for slow page speeds.
  4. To provide all this in a consolidated, easy to use format that makes live easier for users with many sites.

Mostly, it was built to solve the hassle of needing to constantly check webmaster tools, swap one by one through sites, etc.


Your dashboard gives you an overview of the key statistics for your sites as a whole


You can also see a site by site breakdown of your last 7 days of performance metrics, and click the site name to enter the site specific section of Index Ninja.